What is the purpose of submitting a prayer note to the church?
When we submit a prayer note, we are doing an act of prayer;
This note is part of our prayer, or perhaps it is a kind of prayer itself, an expression of our love, sympathy and faith. It shows that by coming to the church one remembers and loves one's neighbours and wishes to ask the Church to help them prayerfully, wherever they are, whatever their circumstances.

How to write a proper prayer note?
For the health and for repose of - only those who have been baptised in the Orthodox Church are to be remembered.
If you would like your prayer note to be read carefully and slowly at the altar, remember the rules:
1. Write in clear, legible handwriting, preferably in block letters.
2. Title it "for the health of" or "for the repose of ".
3. Put the full orthodox form of the name, even if you are remembering children (e.g. Jacob, not Jack).
4 .Before the names of clergy and monastics, indicate their rank, in full or in understandable abbreviations (e.g. Priest    Roman, Archbishop Dimitriy, Monk Jonah, Nun Aleftina).
5. It is not necessary to give the names, patronymics, titles, professions of those remembered and their degree of            relationship to you.
6. It is permissible to include the words "warrior", "sick/ill", "traveller", "prisoner".
7.On the contrary, you should not write "lost", "suffering", "embittered", "student", "grieving", "maiden", "widow", "pregnant".
8. In the funeral notes note "newly departed" (deceased within the last 40 days ), "memorialized" (deceased who have memorial dates on that day), "killed".
9. The Church does not commemorate the unbaptized, people having committed suicides, heretics, sectarians.
10. For those whom the Church has glorified as saints (e.g. Blessed Ksenia), there is no need to pray for them; they already pray for us.